Experts Reveal How to Master WordPress VPS Optimization

If you’ve decided to pick up VPS hosting for your WordPress site, you made the right choice. It’s a cheap, powerful, more private, and secure way to launch or upgrade your current page. While VPS ensures higher performance, there are still things you can do to optimize your VPS. Overall, in this article, we will take a look at how you can optimize your website to function even more effectively.

Choose the Right Amount of Storage

If you’re still on the journey of creating your site, choose a Windows server hosting that suits your needs. The Windows OS is more familiar; therefore, it is easier to navigate. Consider how many visitors you might get, how much RAM you desire, and the size of your files.

If you’re a startup company, we recommend choosing the optimal amount of storage first. Later, you can simply upgrade your VPS to boost your WordPress site even more. Obviously, you need to find flexible, customer-oriented hosts to do so. Finally, the whole idea of optimizing the processes is to save resources, time, and money.

Update Your WordPress

Another helpful tip is to make sure that your WordPress site and plugins are running on the latest version. Sure, WordPress does a perfect job of notifying you when updates need to be installed. However, if you have some custom third-party plugins or themes, this might become a problem. So, don’t be lazy and double-check everything to make the most of your business. Also, don’t forget to look deeper into your WordPress configurations. Your PHP and MySQL instances must be up to date. It’s a perfect way to keep your website safe and sound.

Extend Your Memory Limits

It’s not a secret that your website eats a lot of memory. One day, everything’s fine. The next day, your website gets a lot of traffic, and there isn’t enough memory to keep it running. So, to ensure that your website loads up fast, here’s a simple hack to expand your memory limits. Open up your wp-config.php file and look for the line:

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘[memory limit you want]’);

Now, where it says [memory limit you want], simply choose between 128M, 256M, and 512M. The amount mostly depends on how much memory you need to run your website smoothly. In the end, it’s an easy, fast, and smart way to increase your memory limit and provide better VPS optimization for your WordPress website. Crucial to remember – increase the limit according to the server memory.

If you choose to roll with your own virtual private server, that’s great! VPS provides a highly customizable virtual space. However, consider these recommendations if you desire to master your WordPress VPS optimization. Choose the right amount of storage, and don’t forget to constantly update and expand your memory. And most importantly – choose trustworthy, customer-oriented hosts.

Olev Erik
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