Steps for A Successful Link Building Strategy


Links are very important when it comes to every SEO strategy. Hence the process of link building should be a part of your SEO strategy. More than that, it should help the brand grow and spread brand awareness among the audience. It can also help in generating more traffic. You should also be sure to stay away from the bad practices, however tempting they might seem. If you are planning to hire a team for link building, you could check out the perfect link building Facebook page. They offer SEO as well as link building services at affordable rates and in packages so that the brand can choose the one they wish might work well. PerfectLink Building is one of the best link building companies in the UK.

Given below are the major steps you should implement when you plan to create a successful link building strategy. If the strategy is built right, it would get you proper links and the right audience to your website.

  • Know Your Audience:- If you wish to attract more audience to your website, you should know two things; who your audience is and what the ideal audience looks like. This aspect would help you retain the current audience and expand to gain a new audience who shows interest in what they have to offer. Do proper research to know your audience well. This would help you understand them better and make it possible to determine the desired audience and if you reach out to them or not. If you look at an example, suppose a company launches a new range of flat footwear that offers great comfort. The target audience initially would be people with issues beneath the leg or the elderly folk. However, if you broaden the audience to reach new audiences, you could also consider the youngsters or adults who also prefer wearing flats for comfort.
  • List Out the Sites that Appeal to Audience:- If you have an idea about the desired audience, you should make a list of websites that could help you out to reach the audience. Find the websites that already appeal to the audience. Links from such websites would help you reach the audience who might show interest in your website but are not aware of the same yet. You should also make sure to avoid links from every website. If you gain a link from a spam website or from one that has nothing to do with your niche, it is not at all valuable. In certain situations, it might also backfire and hurt the rankings. Hence, stay away from spam websites and avoid paying in exchange for links. Gaining the links in the right way might feel like a normal marketing effort and a part of a holistic SEO approach.
  • Write Great Content:- To get other websites to link to your content, you should have content that makes other websites want them to link to your page. The content created should be of good quality, attractive and engaging. However, just think about what would appeal to an audience, what they might need to know and the unique point of view you might offer. If you are selling products and services, do not just write about why it is good and the audience should prefer the same. You should create content that would provide answers to a question that the audience might have or could solve an issue they might be facing. You could provide the information they might be looking for. This helps in building trust and gaining more links to the page as other websites would understand that your content is valuable. You should also consider the readability of your content. Make sure that all the pages and articles are well written and structured. If you need more guidance while creating content, you should do thorough research online for good writing tips.
  • Match Content to Websites:- If you are happy and satisfied with the content that is created, you could check out the list of websites you might have prepared. Identify the websites that are likely to show interest in the content you have created. You might feel an urge to send everything to all websites you might have found but this might hurt the chances of anyone linking to the content. People lack time to read many blog posts and decide the one they like. Also, you might be considered spamming if you do so. You should choose wisely and make an effort to find the websites that fit the particular topic of the blog post or the page. The websites would be more willing to link as the post fits their content. The visitors might come to your website by showing interest in the content. If you also have considered the long-tail keyword approach in the post, the number of websites that match might be small. This is not a bad thing but specific content would also mean that few websites would be willing to link
  • Reach Out:- Once you decide the website you might contact, it’s time to reach out to those websites. You could either reach out by sending emails or via social media platforms. This would increase the chance of getting the backlink from the website so that the audience of that website might also visit the brand’s pages and website. This helps in reaching out in a personal way. Eliminate the idea of sending automated emails or direct messages. Send a polite email by telling about the content you have and requesting to place a link to the content. Most often, you might see the response and in some cases, you might not see any response. To improve the chances of linking, you could explain why the content is unique. Trying to get a link for a basic post would less likely succeed. However, if the content is unique, websites might link. never make your emails too long as it would result in people
  • Make Use of Social Media:- When you reach out to specific websites or people, you could easily gain links to your content from other websites. Make use of social media to get links and reach new audiences. Make sure that the content is widely shared through various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and so on. You could also respond to people who like your articles or who have queries. You could get great and wide exposure for the articles. Besides, it also gives the option to promote the content to reach new people. When people like, share and talk about the content on social media, you might receive more links too.
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