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We Buy Any House, But Many Sellers Still Believe These Five Home Selling Myths!


We buy any house. Not everyone, though, realises the power of that statement. In fact, if you’ve ever considered selling your home, you’ve probably thought about all of the repairs and changes you might need to make before you list it. When you work with GoodMove, though, you’re selling your home as-is. That means myths like these, just aren’t true.

Myth 1: Every Scuff Must Be Painted or Repaired Before the Sale

Most homeowners, before selling, think that they need to repair minor cosmetic fixes around their home. You don’t need to repaint, though- we’re buying the house as-is, and that means that you don’t need to touch up any scuffs on the baseboards or broken cabinet handles. Many buyers think that even a loose floorboard needs to be fixed before they sell their home. While this may be worthwhile when you’re selling on the open market, you’re selling as-is with a cash buyer when you work with GoodMove. Everything can be just as you left it, and we’ll still buy your house!

Myth 2: Pavement Issues Must Be Addressed

Over time, concrete spaces around your home can develop hairline fractures and cracks that take both time and money to fix. When you go to sell a home, many people believe that these breakages can detract from the value and the physical beauty of your home. That’s not true, especially when you’re selling to a cash buyer like GoodMove. We love everything about your home, even the cracks in the driveway- and we’re more than willing to buy a house that’s not perfect. Like we said earlier, we buy any house, even if the driveway doesn’t look perfect.

Myth 3: If You Have Building Code Issues, You Can’t Sell

If you live in an older house, there’s a strong chance that there are a lot of building codes that have changed since the house was built. When you sell on the open market, you might worry about being able to fix these, but when you sell the house in as-is condition, you don’t need to worry anymore. We’re more than happy to buy your old house from you, even if it doesn’t necessarily meet today’s safety standards. You don’t need to worry about making costly repairs to your ageing property- instead, sell with us, and you can just get rid of it.

Myth 4: Needed Electrical Repairs Are a Serious Issue

Minor electrical problems are evident in almost every house that we buy! Whether it’s exposed wires, incorrectly wired outlets, or a different issue, this is a really common problem to have in your home. It doesn’t matter to us, though- we’re excited to help you sell your home in as-is condition, minor electrical problems included. Don’t waste your time, money, and effort looking for a good electrician- instead, leave all of the repairs to us! We know that you have better things to be doing.

Myth 5: Remodelling is a Requirement

If you’re selling a house, many people want to jump to immediately remodel an area that looks dated. Here at GoodMove, we say- don’t do that! You’re selling your home in as-is condition with a great cash service, and we understand that you want your home to look lovely for the next owner, but it’s not necessary. Instead, it just takes money out of your pocket and wastes time in a place that you don’t actually need anymore. Don’t worry about remodelling before selling your home- instead, work with us to sell in as-is condition.

We ACTUALLY Buy Any House

No matter the condition that you happen to find your house in, at GoodMove, we’re willing to take it off of your hands. We’re one of the UK’s best cash home buyers, and we want to keep you from having to spend your time, money, and energy on the things that don’t matter when selling a home. Instead, sell in as-is condition to us, and we can take everything from there at no further expense to you. It doesn’t matter what your home looks like, or even where it is- we buy any house, and we’re more than happy to buy yours.

With GoodMove, you’re always guaranteed your house will sell. There’s no question about it- we will buy your house! Even without an estate agent, even if it’s not yet listed on the open market, even if your mortgage is in shambles- we will buy your house! You save money and make the process easier on yourself when you sell with a cash buyer like GoodMove. Contact us today to learn more.

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