What Are The Objectives And Features Of SAP Migration?


SAP Migration is also known as data migration. In short, one can define it as the process of transferring data from a computer is a type of format files. This is basically what is SAP migration and one has different ways to transfer data. It is the main consideration for any system implementation, upgrade, or consolidation that is required. One should keep in mind to check the quality and usage of the file before and after transfer.

Where does one need to transfer files?

There are about 3 ways in which data transfer is required. Leaving those, there are many other ways, however, these three are the most demandable ones.

  • Hardware To Cloud-Based Systems

The first way is from hardware to cloud-based systems. This is needed when one may change its hardware or its system. However, one might also change it in case they have an important file and they want to store it for a longer period.

  • Non-SAP to SAP systems

The second way is from a non-SAP system to an SAP system. This is needed when one has to change to a newer SAP and wants to store their files there.

  • Older SAP to New SAP HANA

The third way is to upgrade the SAP. They might want to change from an older version to a new SAP HANA. There are always the latest versions coming into the market and an upgrade is always required.

Objectives Of SAP migration

There are various objectives of SAP migration that are important when it is done.

  • Ensuring safe transfer of files

The first and foremost objective is to ensure the safe travel of files without hampering the files in any manner.

  • Maintaining high-quality Files

The second objective is to maintain high-quality files. Often, the transfer of files reduces the quality of the files which no one wants to.

  • Checking The Usage

One should always check if the file is in working condition and that the transfer has not hampered it in any way.

Types of SAP migration

There are around 4 types of SAP migrations.

  • Invasion
  • Conquest
  • Colonization
  • Emigration/ Immigration

SAP Migration is needed in many sectors of the technological sector. Daily, millions of files are transferred in different hardware and all this is possible because of SAP. One should keep in mind the objectives and types and everything that is to be done while transferring files from a system.

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