Why Use Rat Flap In Drain System Rather Than Poisonous Rat Killer Methods?


Blockage of drainage system is a most common problem in your house. There are several reasons behind but the rat is a common one. These tiny creatures give you more headaches to prevent the properties from damage. To get rid of such annoying problems, people usage poisonous rat killer techniques but they forget to use Rat Flap, which is a more convent way.

Method To Prevent And Eliminate Rats From  Your Drainage System

Do you wonder why rats are the biggest cause of damaging the properties at your house or workplace?

Rat is always in need of certain water and food to survive, so it comes to your drainage and perfect fit for populating more rats. Even worst case it comes from drainage to your toilet thus, entering your house to trouble you more.

Best Method To Eliminate Rats From Your Drainage

Traditionally, you can kill rats in your drainage by putting poisonous food and yes, it’s a simple process to kill. Yet, you have to think about its consequences after the rat dies in your drainage; it smells like shit. More likely, you got to remove it from your drainage on your own, or maybe a servant will do. Most importantly, this is an unnecessary process and time-waster, leading to the bad situation into the worst scenario.

But with the advancements of technology, you get rid of such annoying activities using 4 Inch Rat Blocker or other sizes of the rat trap.

Precaution To Prevent Rats Enter In Your House

  • Do not waste foods in your drainage so rats will not come
  • Do not keep pet foods in your house if more rats are around
  • Keep your dustbin always closed
  • Do not keep up clutter for a long time

What Is Rat Trap Or Flap?

We live in the modern era, where technology is growing rapidly fast, Rat Flap is one of the best solutions to keep the mouses away. It is highly effective against rats in terms of prevention and elimination of problems once for all.

Rat’s flap is made up of steel in a cylinder shape; within the cylinder, it consists of a flap; a flap is a hinge designed to open in one way. The function of the flap can allow only water to pass out and stop the rats.

Benefits Of Using Rat Flap For Your Drain System

  • Find out where is the entry point of the drain pipe or gutter and place it there.
  • Steel having a last-long substance, so it saves your cost.
  • Easy to install, do not break drainage pipe or sewer while installing.
  • It suits more to the environment.

The Common Size Of Rat Trap

The 4 inch Rat Blocker is common and recommends one to use, well its fits both rats and mice if you want to eliminate rat problems at the earliest.

Except, 4 Inch Rat Blocker you can find another one based on your drainage pipe sizes and gutters. However, 5, 6,9,12 Inch sizes of the flap are also available in the market, and it fits clay or plastic pipes.

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