The Causes of banging Noises in Plumbing Pipes


If the pipes in your home are making any noise except the gentle sound of water rushing through pipes, there may be a problem with your home’s internal pipe system. Unusual noises made by pipes are not to be ignored, as this could indicate a burst or leaking pipe, which will need fixed right away to avoid extensive damage to your home. A banging noise within your pipe could indicate a few different issues, however it is important to figure out when your pipes are being noisy as this could help diagnose the problem.

Pipes are noisy only when hot water is running

If your pipes are loud only when you begin running hot water, or the noise begins after the hot water tap is turned off, this could mean the issue lies with your hot water pipes. Poorly constructed hot water supply pipes can make noise as hot water runs through them. This happens as the heat will make the pipes expand. If piping hasn’t been designed in order to accommodate this expansion, pipes lodged in tight areas will be noisy as friction is created. The only solution to this is creating more space for the pipes to expand, this will require a professional.

Pipes are noisy after the hot or cold water supply is turned off

If the pipes in your bathroom make noise when the toilet is flushed, or when the washing machine is filling, this could suggest you have a water hammer. A water hammer happens when a water valve is shut off suddenly. As the water valve is shut, for example when a washing machine has finished filling, the water in your pipes which was running stops immediately and crashes into the valve, causing your pipes to shake. Water hammer’s are particularly common in older properties, newer homes use different technology which prevents water hammers with a release of air. If you suspect your pipes are prone to water hammers, contact a plumbing expert to investigate your pipes.

Pipes are noisy when water is running

If pipes are noisy when water is running, regardless of it being hot or cold, this signals to a water pressure issue. High water pressure creates noise in your pipes as the water flow becomes turbulent, as the water is flowing too fast. If there is a sudden drop of pressure within your water system, this could point to a burst pipe or leak. Low water pressure can point to a burst pipe or a leaking pipe, as the pipe system is losing pressure somewhere in the system. Lower water pressure can also cause toilet blockages as the pressure isn’t strong enough to push water down. If you have a burst pipe, depending on the size of the leak, you may be able to hear it on your property.

When to enlist a professional

If you hear a frequent banging or any noises within your pipes, an experienced plumbing or heating technician will be able to diagnose the problem for you. It is important not to ignore or brush off unexpected noises within pipes, as the problem will not go away and will probably cause more damage to your home in the interim. Aspect professionals will be able to perform burst pipe prevention and check the health of your pipes, in order to preemptively spot any problems which may in future turn into a burst pipe. Using modern technology like thermal imaging and sound tests, Aspect experts can perform non-invasive tests which cause no damage to your home. Once the problem is located, Aspect professionals can adjust your pipe pressure, refix pipes in the ground, or fit new valves that may need replacing.

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